Each home is unique. Not all houses are the same and oftentimes, there are aspects and parts of your home that are not even important for others. As such, it is vital that when you employ cleaning services to help you with keeping your personal spaces as clean as possible. Because of this, many cleaning services around Melbourne have different kinds of services to offer. The aim is to make sure that the service can fit your cleaning needs.

Here at Crystal Maids, we offer cleaning services for you. We have our Standard Clean, Deep Clean and Move In/Out. These cleaning services are basic cleaning types for your home. However, we understand that there is more to what you need. As part of our business, we offer Add-ons in our Home Cleaning Services. We want to make sure that our cleaning services answer to the basic tasks and the Add-ons answer to the other things you need.

Add-ons in the cleaning services also provide us the knowledge to know which parts of your home are often in need of more attention. There are certain things you want to tidy up but isn’t part of the basic Home Cleaning Services. Add-ons give you a glimpse of the other tasks we can do for your home. On the other hand, it provides you with the option to choose which facets of your home needs a more thorough service, on top of the services that we can offer.

The Add-ons are the more personal and customised added assistance to keep your home extra clean in the way you add it. Maybe, you didn’t think you needed these additional services until you realised that it takes more than a basic cleaning to get your home in the best clean state as possible.

To know more about the additional things we can do for you here at Crystal Maids, here are the additional things we can also do for you:

  • Inside oven
  • Inside fridge
  • Green supplies
  • Disinfectant supplies
  • Make beds
  • Laundry load
  • Dry dishes
  • Balcony/Garage sweep
  • Inside Cabinets
  • Clean Interior Windows
  • Spot clean for walls

Crystal Maids offers these Add-ons on top of the cleaning service you appointed. On top of that, these additional tasks are very affordable, just like our basic services. You don’t need to worry about feeling like you need to fork over a big fee just to get additional cleaning for some parts of your home. Enjoy the cleaning service and the affordability in hand. Cleaning doesn’t need to cost as much, especially if you frequently want to have your home tidied up.

If there’s an additional service you want but is not part of the list, all you need to do is talk to us and enquire about it. We understand that different kinds of homes come different needs for cleaning. We keep that in mind and all you need to is ask away with one of our team. Don’t worry, services should never have to be stuck on the basic chores only. We can offer more with our Add-on services. You have options to choose from.

Know more about our additional services and add another cleaning task for you. For more information about our Add-ons in Home Cleaning Service, access our checklist and check our rates for the Add-ons here: http://crystalmaids.com.au/checklist/


Have your homes as clean and as flawless in offering you the comfort and space you need. Enjoy your safe spaces with family and never worry about keeping it in the cleanest state possible. We are here to serve you. Your homes should spark more joy for you.

Here at Crystal Maids, we are a team of flexible cleaning experts that can do more with our additional services. We understand that you might have different cleaning necessities for your homes and such, we strive to be as flexible as possible. We guarantee you a happy clean home or your money back. Are your homes in need of an intense cleaning makeover already? Is dirt starting to pile up in the most unlikely places? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Book a job with us here: http://crystalmaids.com.au/booking-page/

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