Toilets and washrooms are common cultivating grounds of bacteria and pathogens. According to a study conducted to measure the correlation between microbes and cellphones, “…people are often carrying and using the device in inappropriate places and environments which might affect their health, such as: washroom and toilets. Our study claims that 90.54% of the mobile phone samples were contaminated with pathogenic and MDR bacteria.”

Doing your regular toilet cleaning is one thing. Disposing the waste from the utilised supplies is another thing. No matter which part of the household you’re going to clean, get rid of waste properly. Apply waste management methods even to the products that you use in the toilet. Used tissues can contain just as much bacteria culture as your smartphones. Proper disposal post-sanitation routine of the toilet is as important as the actual cleaning of the space.

Liquid solutions

Toilet cleaner solutions, stain remover liquids, and other toilet cleaning mix generally don’t need complicated disposal. They are products meant for consumption in cleaning the toilet and other parts of the bathroom where needed. You don’t usually throw out these products unless there’s nothing left inside. As such, there’s no need to label the contents as hazardous waste that needs to be separated from other kinds of waste.

The best method to get rid of the product containers is by sorting them out. If there is still product inside, wash them down the drain. For stronger solutions, mix in more water to lessen any chance of being corrosive to the plumbing and to protect you from any possible foul smell.

For the remaining containers of the products, check the material first. If they classify as recyclable containers, you can put them up for recycling. If they’re not, put them with the other waste they belong with. Wash the containers first to keep all the products remnants out and dry them before putting them in the segregation bins.

Used supplies and tools

Used supplies include items and tools to clean the toilet. They are the tools and things that are generally disposable or will turn worn out after too much use. These things have the potential to be breeding grounds of harmful bacteria when left out in the open, uncleaned. This can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Used disinfectant wipes and tissue papers
  • Worn out sponges and scouring pads
  • Deteriorating brushes
  • Run-down cloth strips
  • Protective wear like disposable gloves and face masks

Before throwing and segregating them, clean them out first with the cleaners you use for the toilet. Wash out the brushes, scouring pads and cloth strips, etc.. classify these items as household waste and sort them into your contains. Make these items sanitary for disposal beforehand.

Information Label

If you’re not sure about how to dispose of toilet supplies, always consult the labels. Information sheets also present disposal methods and warning signs about the products. Some symbols will state the nature of the product and the packaging upon disposal.s All your toilet supplies should have them. If they’re not, they are present online along with the makers of the product you use.


Disposing toilet supplies safely is necessary. Cleaning your toilet is a defeat in purpose if there are still supplies and items lying around with germs and pathogens. Sanitation also includes disposal of these supplies. Make it your final step in completing your toilet deep clean.

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