Let’s be real. Cleaning the toilet can be one of the most gruelling things in your entire household general routine. Toilets need up par sanitation and cleanliness since it’s one of the most frequented places inside the household. Sanitising your toilet is a level higher than cleaning or wiping down a window glass or clearing your sink. It requires tips and preparations to make sure that the toilet is spotless.

You need expertise and knowledge to make sure that the next time you sit on your beloved chamber in the bathroom, it’s not growing bacteria of some sort. Clean your toilet like a pro and sit down the next time like royalty on your throne.

Prepare the toilet beforehand

Before you start cleaning the toilet, you must cover all parts of the toilet to make sure that they are impeccable afterwards. Remove the toilet cover and toilet seat first before you start scrubbing the curves and spaces inside. A lot of grime and grout must have been building up on those screw-in holes and placements if you haven’t taken them apart for a long time. The joints of the seat may be the source of the unpleasant smell lurking in your bathroom.

Use cleaning proper tools

Many tools can help in making your toilet gleam. These tools serve as instruments in making sure that the products and cleaning solutions work well. Sometimes, for toilets with mild dirt that aren’t very dense yet, you only need some tools and a lot of water to make it look brand new again.

  • Brush – to scrub the products and liquid solutions that you are going to use in cleaning the toilet. You can use a normal brush to scrub the outside parts and a long-handled brush if you don’t want to touch too much of the inside
  • Scouring pads and sponges – to wipe down on the surfaces and take out mild dirt that isn’t difficult to remove. If you want to make your toilet gleam and shine, you can use scouring pads to scrub the inside.
  • Toothbrush – to reach in the areas that are particularly difficult to clean like the siphon jets that spurt out water

Clean the tools afterwards to maintain sanitation and cleanliness in your supply. You don’t want to harbour any dirt or grime within the brushes. It might cause foul odours in your toilet or storage area of supplies.

Apply products and cleaning solutions

Products and cleaning solutions are the agents that clean your toilet. Various products and cleaning solutions are depending on how dirty your toilet is. To prep your toilet for a deep clean, do a once-over with hot water. The longer it was from your last clean, the more specified solutions should be there. You’ll need stronger solutions for the insides of the toilet since stains and stubborn spots might be present.

  • All-Purpose Cleaner – use with a brush for the outside areas and the tank
  • Stain remover solutions – use with long-handled brush or scouring pads for stains and dirt that caused discolouration on the inside area

Many alternative cleaning solutions are present and popular. You might be familiar with the vinegar and baking soda solution which is a preferred choice for whitening the insides of the toilet. You might also consider lime and salt solutions to give off a fresh smell afterwards. You can create and formulate your organic cleaners to make your toilet and bathroom smell more natural and refreshing.

Wear protective accessories

Safety is key. Cleaning so close to a toilet means that you are in direct contact and touch with solutions and products. If you have sensitive skin, it might cause issues and harm to you. Prepare yourself first before cleaning your toilet.

  • Rubber gloves – make sure that you have thick gloves that don’t have holes. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the possible scrubbing blisters and some mild burns from foaming the solution around the inside of the toilet
  • Face mask – toilet cleaner solutions can give out a strong odour that can irritate your nose. Wear a face mask to protect your airways from the strong smell.

Wearing protective accessories also saves you from possible allergic reactions when you clean the toilet. It’s better to prevent any danger to yourself than to find out later.


Cleaning your toilet like a pro also comes with tips that only you can do. A toilet is still an important part of your household. It can also easily grow pathogens that can, later on, cause harm. To lessen that, here are additional tips to make your toilet cleanings a pro.

  • Do regular toilet cleaning. Don’t wait for grime and dirt buildup before you clean. Once you see some discolouration in the underpart of the toilet, start putting on your gloves.
  • Urinate properly. A smelly toilet often comes from discharge that wasn’t discharged well. Your pee stains around the seat may come from not properly using the toilet. This can cause an additional foul smell in your bathroom.
  • Lift the toilet seat and toilet seat cover to let any water or liquid dry properly. This prevents dirt from sticking in on your toilet when it slowly dries.
  • To maintain sanitation daily, use disinfectant wipes to wipe down your toilet seat every time you use the toilet.

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