Having a home entails a lot of responsibility especially when it comes to cleanliness. You might start thinking about employing your local cleaning teams to tidy up your place. This is a very reasonable move especially if you think you don’t have the time to keep your place clean or you just have so much stuff inside that you really need extra pairs of hands that can aid in your regular house cleanups.

As such, home cleaning services are accessible to you in times when you need somebody to do the dirty work in your spaces. There may be many cleaning services provider out there, but here at Crystal Maids, we are one of the best options you got that can provide all your cleaning needs. We categorise our bespoke services according to what’s important to you when it comes to home cleaning. Know which areas and chores will be suitable for your home and book a cleaning appointment with us, right away.


There are many areas in your home that need cleaning. However, in our cleaning services, we clean your bedrooms, common areas, kitchen and comfort rooms depending on the kind of cleaning service you want to employ.

For our Standard Clean, we do the basic cleaning chores that your home needs. We dust off your homes from dirt. We also mop and vacuum your floors across all areas. We sanitise your mirrors and sinks, especially the ones in your comfort rooms and shower areas. Your kitchen counters and stoves will be out for surface cleaning and we remove your garbage for you. Think of our Standard Clean as your regular cleaning check at home.

On the other hand, we have a cleaning service known as Deep Clean. For Deep Clean, we target on some more specific areas to make sure that they are truly more polished and more flawless. For example, you might notice that for your comfort rooms, a little intense cleaning is needed for the floors as comfort rooms tend to stick more dirt over time. We will deep clean this aspect of your home. We will also do the same for your windows and doors.

Another cleaning service is the Move In/Out. The Move In/Out is specifically for when you are about to relocate in or out of a new place. For this cleaning service, we give more focus on cleaning your empty drawers and cabinets just to make sure that the home you will transfer to or out of soon is impeccable. This service still includes the Standard Clean plus a little bit more like an oven and range-hood cleaning and tidying up your ceiling fans and exhaust fans.


You can book your cleaning appointments with us in under a minute. Apart from scheduling a one time service, you also have different cleaning service frequency options to book for. If you want to get in the habit of regular home cleaning, you can book with us for recurring weekly cleaning time. We also offer the most popular option which is a cleaning service every two weeks. If you want, we can also clean your homes every 4 weeks.

Even better, the more you schedule a cleaning appointment with us, the more promos and discounts you can also avail of. Book with us and get as much as 20% off from your total bill. The cleaner you want your homes to be, the less expensive it costs.

Additional services

Apart from the services offered, we know that there are some more specific cleaning jobs you want to focus on. As such, we have a checklist just for you. Check out which aspects or areas in your homes you want to add to your services. Access the checklist and check out the ones your home needs: http://crystalmaids.com.au/checklist/


Here at Crystal Maids, we want your homes to be sparkly clean like crystals. We understand the value of keeping a healthy home by tidying it up. Our home cleaning services include only the best quality to make your safe and carefree in your comfort zones. Be happy with your homes and don’t hesitate to contact us.

Book a job with us here: http://crystalmaids.com.au/booking-page/

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