Cleaning your home involves dealing with dust, dirt, and chemicals that may trigger allergic reactions from you or your family. On the contrary, if you don’t clean your house, you may also suffer the same effects. Continuous sneezing, itchy skin and eyes, and asthma are some of the consequences you’re up for if you keep your home that way. So, unless you wear protective gears and clean your place the right way, you and your family will be dwelling in a house full of allergens.

What triggers allergies?

A lot of things that trigger allergies, called allergens, can come out when you’re cleaning. That’s because you move and agitate them as you clean. Here are some of the allergens to watch out for when cleaning:

  • Dust and dust mites
  • Cockroaches
  • Moulds
  • Pollens
  • Pet Hair, Fur, and Feather

How to Clean Your Home Safely For Allergy Sufferers

Whether it’s you who’s suffering from allergies or a family member, safe cleaning is a must. After all, who would want to bear the discomforts of allergy symptoms? Here’s our take on how to effectively clean your house for allergy-sufferers.

Put on Protective Covering

Before touching anything for your cleaning routine, make sure that you’ve fully equipped yourself with gloves, eye goggles, mask, and other protective gears. This will ensure that you are shielded from allergens that may trigger your allergies. You may also want to take an antihistamine tablet before you begin cleaning for further protection from allergies.

Make Sure that You Have a HEPA Filter for your Vacuum Cleaner

Try using a special HEPA filter for your vacuum cleaner to ensure that the machine sucks in all the dirt and dust you collect. If you can’t purchase one, consider vacuuming only once or twice a week. Contrary to popular belief, vacuum cleaners don’t actually filter all the dust they collect but agitates them into the air instead.

Clean Floors and Surfaces with a Wet Mop and Cloth

Instead of sweeping and vacuuming surfaces of your home, use a wet mop to clean your floor and a damp microfibre cloth for surfaces. This method ensures that dust will stick onto these wet cleaning tools instead of shooting up into the air and triggering allergies.

Wash Linens to Get Rid of Dust Mites

Even though dust mites die in water alone, we recommend that you wash your linens with soap every two weeks, if not weekly. Thorough washing of bed sheets, blankets, pillowcases don’t only target dust mites, it also removes dirt and stains that soiled them. Include other items in your home that may trap dust mites like your curtains and stuffed toys. If you have a clothes dryer, utilise that instead of air-drying your linen and clothes outside where they can pick up dust, pollen, and spores.

Remove Rubbish and Clutter in your Home

Paper products such as cartons, boxes, and old newspapers lying around your house can serve as hiding places for cockroaches and dust mites. Similarly, cloth and linens that are not stored properly may trap dust and other allergens. Thus, it’s better to remove these rubbishes or keep them in a closed container to minimise allergy-triggering agents at home.

Use Bleach to Get Rid of Moulds

Moulds are fungi that release airborne spores which cause allergies. Scrub your tile and grout with bleach to eradicate the allergens and then wash your shower curtains at least once a month. Make sure that you turn on your dehumidifiers and air-conditioning units to maintain the humidity in your home below 60% and prevent mould buildup. 

Use Gentle Cleaning Agents

Chemicals from your cleaning solution may also cause allergies. Thus, we suggest that you use milder and natural cleaners to prevent any symptoms. Opt for unscented cleaning agents instead of scented ones. Fragrances in cleaners and detergents may trigger unwanted allergic reactions.

Professional Home Cleaning in Melbourne

House cleaning is not for everyone, especially if you yourself have allergies that can be triggered while cleaning. That’s why we recommend that you call us to help you with home cleaning. At Crystal Maids, we make sure that you are safe as we clean your home. 

Our cleaners possess the right skills and techniques to minimise allergy-triggering factors while cleaning. Aside from that, we also guarantee immaculate and efficient cleaning. We will leave your place spotless and allergen-free in the least possible time. With the experience and dedication that our team possesses, you can rest and relax knowing that your home is clean and safe with us.

Book an appointment with us today and experience the cleaning magic of Crystal Maids.

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