Safety when cleaning your home is imperative, especially with children around. Small children are unpredictable creatures. They love to play and explore without any regard for their health and safety. One minute, they could be playing with their toys and another, they’re already chewing on some cleaning tool they’ve found on the floor.

Because of kids’ playful nature, cleaning your home can be dangerous for them. The cleaning tools can cut and wound them. The cleaning solutions can poison them when ingested. It can also burn their skins when they come into contact with the chemicals. Moreover, cleaning your home could get dirty, dusty, and slippery for your kids to play around in.

Thus, ensuring that your kids are safe and sound as you clean is crucial. To help you with that, here are a few tips you can follow.

Keep your Children Away from The Cleaning Area

Before you start cleaning, make sure that your kids are in a safe space, ideally in another room. In this case, make sure that they have a guardian who will look after them while you’re cleaning in the other room. That way, you can guarantee that they are safe and will not distract you from cleaning.

Store Cleaning Materials Safely

Cleaning agents can be toxic and dangerous for children. Kids can play with these chemicals and mistake them for drinks and food. Cleaning tools can also cause injuries to children when not used well.

Thus, as a general rule, you must place cleaning solutions in safe storage that is out of children’s reach. Always see to it that bottles and containers of cleaning chemicals are tightly closed. Otherwise, they may spill and cause harm to children when they come into contact with the reagents.

Wear Protective Equipment

You and your children’s safety are interconnected. So, wearing protective gears like gloves and aprons can go a long way in making sure that your children are safe. These protections can be easily disposed of when you’re done cleaning, thereby preventing cross-contamination.

Never Remove Labels

Labels are there for a reason. They indicate the chemical formulation, ingredients, directions, and safety precautions to help you use the cleaning solution and keep your family protected from any harm and injury. Thus, never taking out the label and reading it carefully is a good habit to practice for safer cleaning.

Opt for Safer Cleaning Chemicals

There are many safer and greener alternatives for cleaning solutions available in the market. It would be a good idea to choose these sustainable and eco-friendly household cleaners, especially when you have children and babies with you. You may also opt to make your own cleaning solution using natural products or dilute household cleaners with water to make it safer for your kids.

Use Cleaning Agents as Instructed

Cleaning solutions have labels with directions for using the product safely and effectively. These instructions can help you determine the right amount of product to use, how to use it, and how to keep yourself and your kids safe. Aside from that, it is also best to use one cleaning agent at a time. Remember, less is more. A concoction of multiple cleaning chemicals is hazardous and poisonous.

Dispose or Clean Used Tools

After cleaning, make sure that you throw away the disposable cleaning materials like rags and paper towels you have used. These items have come in contact with chemicals used in cleaning and may be dangerous for your children. Additionally, make it a habit to clean the cleaning tools you have used, especially the handle. This can help you avoid contamination when you use it next time.

Safe Home Cleaning in Melbourne

Your children’s safety should always be your number one priority, especially when you’re cleaning. Cleaning your house by itself promotes safety since you can check up on the parts of your house that need repair and prevent further damage and hazards. Aside from that, cleaning your home safe way is also ideal to keep your children free from any harm and injury tied to cleaning.

At Crystal Maids, we comprehend that cleaning the house when you’re already busy monitoring your kids and keeping them safe can be quite a challenge. That’s why we’re here to do the dirty work for you. Our team of professional cleaners can clean your home effectively so that you can focus on taking care of your children. Crystal Maids strictly practices safety measures in cleaning so that our cleaners and clients are always far from any accidents and risks linked to cleaning.

If you need a safe and reliable cleaning company that provides premium quality cleaning service, Crystal Maids is here for you. Book with us now, and we’ll be happy to serve you.

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