A glass shower door panel is not only a fixture that adds elegance to your bathroom. Unlike the traditional bathroom stall, the glass panel door requires low maintenance and safety. If you have a family member with compromised mobility, glass shower doors will alleviate your concerns.

Maintaining and cleaning a sparkling clean glass shower door is achievable with a quick squeegee after taking a shower. But, nothing beats the finishing touch of what has just been a deep cleaned glass panel door. The only concern is how are you going to preserve the glass panel’s pristine condition. Although it requires less maintenance, the glass doors are vulnerable to water deposits and soap scum.

How to maintain a clean glass shower door panel

A bathroom is naturally a damp place and vulnerable to build-up of moulds due to moisture. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. It implies that it’s best to clean your glass panel after each use because it will also keep it from permanent damages.

Cleaning a glass shower door, especially a doorless walk-in shower requires less effort. But, no matter what type of glass shower door you have installed, your dedication in cleaning the glass panel is the key to make it last.

  • Consistency. Don’t miss a wipe-down after every shower to avoid build-up of soap suds and hard water. Commitment is one of the keys in keeping your glass shower door panels clean.
  • Fogging. Once the fogging starts to appear, give your shower door a good wipe-down right away to avoid permanent damage to your glass panel.
  • Soap scum. There are plenty of commercial products that promise a deep-cleaning result against soap scum. But, all you need to slay that soap suds effectively are lying around your house.
    • Distilled water
    • White vinegar (distilled)
    • Dishwashing liquid
    • Empty spray bottle
    • Microfiber cloth
    • Squeegee (for daily wipe-down)

1. Combine three parts of distilled water with one part white vinegar in a microwave-safe bowl.  If you’re not fond of the vinegar’s smell, replace it with the dishwashing liquid. Then, microwave the mixture for about 60 seconds. Once the mixture has cooled, put the liquid to the spray bottle. Vinegar can damage stone material in your bathroom, so you have to be extra careful in handling the mixture.

2. After spraying the mixture evenly to the glass panel, leave the solution for about three to five minutes.

3. After letting the solution sit for a couple of minutes, from top to bottom with the use of the microfiber cloth, dry the glass shower door evenly. Once the glass panel is dry, buff it out for any smudges or streaks. Then, leave it the glass door open to allow evaporation of any residual moisture.

4. A daily squeegee wipe-down makes sure that your deep-cleaned glass panel will prolong the results. It also keeps your glass shower door from damages if you’re committed to wiping it daily.

5. For a successful daily maintenance cleanup of the glass panel door, wipe it down after the last family member has finished up taking its shower.

  • Maintenance. As mentioned earlier, the glass shower door requires less maintenance if you’re consistent in giving it a wipe-down with the use of a squeegee. Keep this simple cleaning schedule to make your glass shower door last.
  • Every day: Get your squeegee together with your DIY glass cleaner, spray it to your glass shower door after the last person has taken its shower. Then, air it out by leaving the door open.
  • Weekly or once a month: Deep cleaning the entire bathroom to get every nook and hard to reach corners cleaned.

Glass Shower Door Cleaning Solution

Every homeowner wanted to keep their home clean and tidy as possible. By regularly cleaning your glass shower door, it will last longer while keeping it from damaging permanently. But, if you can’t keep up in giving your bathroom glass shower door a good wipe-down and scrubbing, you can always book a house cleaning service in Melbourne.

You don’t have to go all through the physically taxing job in scrubbing your bathroom floor and wiping it from top to bottom. Crystal Maids can provide you with a team of expert cleaners that can give every inch of your home some good deep cleaning service.

Book a cleaning today and our team of household cleaners will be there right at your doorstep ready to clean your home. Leave the household cleaning to Crystal Maids and we will maintain the pristine condition of your home.

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