The internet holds almost everything we need today. Everything your home needs can basically be found by searching the web and enquiring with different people online. The same can be said for Home Cleaning Services in Melbourne. Just by the mere searching in Google, you can definitely find a business that can cater to your cleaning needs. One of those top tier quality cleaning service providers that you can find online is Crystal Maids.

Here at Crystal Maids, we offer you the best Home Cleaning Service for your home. You never have to worry about keeping your places clean. We have a website just for you that relays everything you need to know about Home Cleaning Services plus more things that you can add to the service you want. We strive to make a clean change to your home one web search at a time. Check us out and scan through the possible services for your home.

Since we are present in your web searches, how exactly can you book a cleaning service from us online? That’s simple. Book a cleaning service here:

All you need to do is fill up some basic information like your name, email address, address and contact number. Then, choose the kind of service you want to be done in your home from our list of options. Select the size of your home (number of bedrooms) and the number of cleaners you want. You can also select options for partial cleanings which corresponds to hourly rates as compared to the basic Home Cleaning Services you can choose from.

From the booking page, there are also several questions you need to fill up for the technical parts of the cleaning service like how to get inside your home or any contact person to talk to if you aren’t around the specific date you want us to be there. Make sure to answer in the corresponding portions of the booking page and review the amount summary on the right part of the page. The booking summary for your cleaning service will reflect there.

For discounts and promos, you can also fill out the discount portion. Deductions from the amount from your total bill will apply once you put in the discount code. The more cleaning frequently you want a cleaning service, as much as 20% off from your total bill will be slashed off. Moreover, you can leave general comments to make sure that our cleaners know important things they can focus on. This is especially helpful for partial cleaning bookings.

Then, you can select the payment method that is convenient for you. We accept cashless payments via card. Choose among VISA, Master Card, Discover or American Express. This means that your cleaning service will be charged after the service has been done by our cleaning team. Make sure to double-check the card information you enter to avoid any errors or inconvenience in your part. Rest assured that whatever information you put in will be safe.

There might be additional tasks you need to keep your home impeccably clean. For our additional services, you can check our checklist to make sure that some aspects of your home will also be part of the service. You can also choose the Add-ons you need on the booking page. This way, our team will be notified about the extra steps you want as part of the job. Check out our checklist here for more options:


We are Crystal Maids and we make sure that your home is clean and you are happy with our services. Everything you need to do to keep your home clean is at the tip of your hands. Find us on the web and book a cleaning appointment with us online for your convenience. Do you need frequent cleaning in your home? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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