There’s no denying that everyone loves kitchen pantries. Who wouldn’t if it’s filled with food and beverages you can snack on? But as much as a pantry full of food is a delight, on the contrary, a cluttered and disorganised one is objectionable. 

A messy kitchen pantry is a result of carelessness and lack of cleaning and maintenance. Expired and stale food, non-food and non-kitchen items, spills, and dust are some of the common things you can find in a poorly maintained kitchen closet. If these things are available in your pantry, consider thoroughly cleaning your household kitchen pantry

Best Way to Clean Your Kitchen Pantry

Your household kitchen pantry is one of the areas you should never forget to clean. Even though you frequent the place to store and get food, most of the time, that’s just what you do. You don’t bother checking on the expiration dates and removing clutter which are necessary steps to ensure food safety. Never worry though, this guide on how to clean your kitchen pantry will turn your messy pantry upside down. 

Clear the contents of your pantry cabinet and shelves.

Start removing everything from each cabinet first and placing them on top of your counter or kitchen table. That way, you can see, check, and sort each item that you have in your pantry. If your pantry is too big and you have a lot of stock, you can try clearing the contents per cabinet so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Throw out items you don’t need.

If you haven’t really scoured through your pantry cabinets for a long time, you’d be surprised at how many things you have to throw away. Place them in one corner and decide if you’re going to donate the viable ones, compost the biodegradable rubbishes, or throw them in the bin. Some items you need to get rid of are:

  • Expired and stale foods
  • Mould- and pest-infested foods
  • Foods that you can’t eat or don’t want to eat
  • Unknown foods
  • Duplicate items

Likewise, keep non-pantry items out of your kitchen pantry. Cleaning tools, feeds and pet foods, and dish-washing soap don’t belong there. Try relocating them to other storage cabinets where they won’t contaminate or be mistaken as food. This step allows you to have plenty of space when you re-stock.

Clean cabinets and shelves.

Now that your cabinets and shelves are empty, you can visibly see the dust, dirt, liquid spills, and crumbs that have accumulated on the surfaces. Get a damp cloth, preferably a microfibre cloth, to wipe off your entire cabinet. Make sure that you reach cleaning the corners and recesses of your cabinets. If your pantry needs repairing and realigning, now is a good time to do so since it’s empty. After which, let the cabinets dry thoroughly. Use a new microfibre cloth to dry your cabinets faster.

Clean the containers as you put them back

Make sure that you have sorted all the contents in your kitchen pantry so that it would be easier to return them to the shelves. Spices, canned goods, baking goods and supplies, and snack food should have their own designations. As you place them back, wipe off the dust, dirt, oil, and spills that may have leaked on the containers. If you have damaged cartons and containers, try repackaging them in new ones and then labelling them before you return them into your pantry cabinets.

Home Cleaning Services in Melbourne

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