Preserving the upkeep of your house while maintaining your regular office work is not an easy job. So it’s essentially crucial to get your home sparkly clean and tidy the first time you’re doing the household chores.

But, some homeowners don’t realise that there are right and wrong in dusting, mopping, scrubbing, vacuuming, etc. Shave hours off your household chores by avoiding these common cleaning mistakes.

Additionally, keeping away from these housekeeping mistakes ensures the preservation of the items in your home. Learn how to correct your housekeeping mistakes and it will significantly save you time and effort.

How to Correct House Cleaning Mistakes 

1. Directly spraying to furniture and other surfaces.

One of the most common mistakes in house cleaning is directly dousing cleaning products to the furniture or surfaces. Apparently, you’re not only giving extra work to yourself, but you’re also wasting money.

There are furniture materials or surfaces that absorb liquid faster which necessitates you to spray more. The added moisture will leave a substantial amount of residue and chemical buildup on the surface which prompts extra effort to wipe it off.

How to fix it? Before wiping down any surfaces or furniture, spray your cleaning product into your cleaning cloth. This will not only leave any trace of cleaning product residue but it will also keep them last longer, clean and sparkling.

2. Mixing cleaning solutions

Homeowners often assume that the more cleaning household products they use, it will come out cleaner and better. Bleach is every individual’s go-to cleaning product. But, some people like to mix the bleach with other cleaning agents including vinegar, ammonia or alcohol.

Mixing wrong cleaning solutions will not only leave streaks of harsh chemical residue. Bleach mixed with ammonia forms a toxic gas.

How to fix it? In case you’ll use a bleach solution, mix it with plain water only. Make it a housekeeping rule to avoid mixing bleach with other cleaning solutions. A good cleaning product should be safe and effective that will not leave any harmful residue.

3. Cleaning counters with an acidic solution

There are countertop materials such as stone which is sensitive to cleaning products that contain acid. Traditionally, some homeowners clean and disinfect their countertops with vinegar. Vinegar is acidic in nature that is harsh to the protective coating of the stone and will likely leave scratches and other streak marks.

How to fix it? Instead of vinegar, use liquid dish soap and warm water to clean your countertop without leaving any damage.

4. Ignoring to clean and dry house cleaning tools

After all the routine house cleaning, you can’t just leave your tools wet and dirty. Mostly, people will just tuck their cleaning tools away into the corner without even thinking twice about cleaning them.

How to fix it? Always wash your house cleaning tools and leave them to dry. If you fail to do these simple tips, germs like to harbour and grow in wet and dirty cleaning tools.

5. Doing the house cleaning all at once

Balancing between work, family and house cleaning schedule are difficult. But, if you fail to follow your weekend cleaning schedule, household chores will pile up from one to another. Eventually, leaving you an overwhelming and physically taxing house cleaning job.

How to fix it? Don’t do the household chores all at once especially on a  weekend. You can ease housekeeping by incorporating it to your daily routine. As the saying goes, small efforts can go a long way.

Melbourne Resident’s House Cleaning Solution

We all want to do our best in making sure that our homes are clean and tidy as possible. But under some circumstances, house cleaning is next to impossible. Don’t get yourself worked up between family and household chores. Call a reliable house cleaning company in Melbourne.

You don’t need to brush up your house cleaning skills and look up the internet if you’re doing it right. We understand how hard it is to keep up with household chores especially if you have kids around and a tight working schedule. We guarantee you our team of expert cleaners will go through every inch and corners of your home.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and book a house cleaning appointment today.

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