We all have this idea of coming home from a full day’s work to sit, breathe and release all the tension by taking a nice warm bath. But suddenly you realise your husband and kids are waiting for you.

Maintaining a career and tending to the needs of your family while keeping a clean and tidy house takes a lot of effort. These responsibilities seem impossible especially for a mom and a wife with a full-time job. And just like so many other things in life, you have to get things altogether and make them work. Fortunately for all the busy moms of today, we live in a world where everything works right at our fingertips. Besides technology, house cleaning tips and tricks make every busy mom’s life easier.

Realistic House Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

In keeping your home tidy and immaculately clean as possible, allow your kids to be part of the housekeeping team. Even if your kids don’t live up to your standards of cleanliness, you can’t do this alone. There are little and simple tasks at home that you can entrust to your kids. So let your children learn the responsibility of doing the household chores at the earliest opportunity. As they would always say, start them young. Read on and learn some simple household cleaning tips for busy moms.

  • Micro-clean. While the kids are not yet ready to go out, make use of your extra time to knock out some simple tasks while you’re waiting. These include the following:
    • Sweeping the floor
    • Unloading and reloading the dishwasher
    • Cleaning the microwave
    • Taking out the garbage and replacing the garbage bags
    • Tidying the living room by putting back where they belong
  • Daily cleaning. Avoid doing the house cleaning all at once because it can either exhaust or overwhelm you. Cleaning more often is one of the most effective ways for busy moms in keeping the house clean and tidy. Besides your weekly household chores, daily house cleaning keeps them from piling up over the weekend.
  • Place a bucket under your sink. We are all used to cleaning with paper towels. In case you decide to replace them over a pack of dishcloths, don’t forget to place a bucket under the sink. The bucket makes it more convenient for you to toss your dishcloth after wiping down the sink and countertops.
  • Hamper to sort the laundry. Sorting and segregating the laundry is time-consuming. Place three hampers where the family can simply toss their dirty clothes easily. For instance, the first hamper is for delicate clothes, the second for underwears and sleeping clothes while the last one is for dark clothes.
  • Skip folding. Folding the laundry can be time-consuming especially if you have three to four kids around the house. Skip folding the family’s laundry and just hang them. Besides preventing it from wrinkles, they’re much easier to find.
  • Declutter as much as possible. One of the best things to reduce hours of house cleaning is to get rid of the things that you no longer use in your home. By regularly donating old toys, clothing and other household goods, you’re also clearing up some valuable space in your home.
  • Storage bins to stay organised. Place some storage bins where your kids can easily put away all their toys once they’re done playing. This will not only teach them to be responsible and keep their stuff organised, but it will also save you time from cleaning up after their mess.

House Cleaning Solution For Busy Moms in Melbourne

As a working mom and a homemaker, you want to do your best in making sure that your home is clean and tidy as possible. Besides housekeeping, there’s a more important thing you need to attend to — family time. House cleaning is physically taxing that demands time and energy.

It is not easy to keep up with household chores if you have kids around while building up a career. Don’t let house cleaning take your time away from your family; call your reliable house cleaners from Crystal Maids. We guarantee you our team of expert cleaners will keep your home in its pristine condition. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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